How it works

Step1. Email us your photos
custom figurine step 1
Your photo need to meet our standards, please see a sample below:

Step 2: Choose a template from our store
choose a figurine template
You can choose the body template from our store or let us fully customise one for you, just simply email us a separate photo which we can see your pose and outfits clearly. then leave us with the rest. see our body appearance samples from below:
Step 3: We start building your figure
Our veteran artist start designing your figurine bit by bit, start from head, body, and during this time, we will email you  to ask your comments, and we can make changes based on your advice to make sure you are happay with the sample before move to the next stage.  
Step 4: Completed and Ship out to you
After all parts are confirmed, we will finalise the figurine and pack it very carefully and dispatch to your address, be ready to receive this super special fun figurine.

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caricatures from photo