Picture standards

When you send pictures to us, please follow the standards that present on this page, it will help us to identity your facial features if your pictures meets our standards and it will slightly improve the similarity of the figurine.

Please note that you may send more than one pictures to us, if you don't point out which picture for us to use, we will pick the best one for you and once the picture is decided, we will not be able to use a different picture for your order.  

To explain further:

Usually the figurine is seperated in the following parts:

1. Head part

2. Body part

mini me body part

3. Hair part

mini me hair part

4. Final View

mini me final view

We are only able to use 1 picture for the head part and hair part, we cannot use more than 1 picture for building the head part, such as use picture 1 for the face, use picture 2 for the smell and use picture 3 for the hair. We used to allow our customers to customize that way, but soon after we note that it will reduce the similarity badly and diffcult to compare with their original picture, therefore, we will only use 1 picture for building the head part and hair part. So when you send pictures to us, please follow our picture standards in order to receive your figurine in high quality&similarity.

Pelase follow our standards below:

Mini me Picture standards

We don't have any restrictions for the body part, we can use few more pictures together for building the body part and background.
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